Even the Strongest People are Overwhelmed when Faced with Major Medical Problems.

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“CAPPED is well
known in the Tularosa
Basin as the place to
go “1st” after being
diagnosed with major
medical problems.”

CAPPED Cancer awareness prevalence prevention & early detection

Your 1st need after a diagnosis of cancer (or any MAJOR ILLNESS) is information.  You cannot make an informed   decision on your treatment until you have the facts.

1.  How was it diagnosed?

2.  What stage is your disease?

3.  What is the standard of care at this moment?

A.  Allopathic   B.  Integrative   C.  Alternative

4.  What is your prognosis with the current treatment?

5.  Are clinical trials available?

6.  Where do you find specialists if you need a 2nd opinion?

7.  Is there help available if you need to travel for treatment?


At CAPPED we help you answer all of these questions.


The CAPPED Building

907 New York Ave.

Alamogordo, NM 88310

Phone:  (575) 434-4673

Cell:      (575) 430-7798

Hours:  10 am—5 pm


(NOTE:  Special appointments outside regular office hours are available upon request.)