• Three computers, staff and volunteers can help you find the most accurate information on cancer in your life, or any disease or disorder. We try to guide you to the most reputable sites in the internet.
  • Knowledge has always been power. CAPPED empowers people through our computer learning center and library.


  • CAPPED Sun Safe Program –  taught through school assemblies
  • CAPPED Whole Foods Nutrition Classes – held at the CAPPED Building
  • Health Fairs – at venues throughout Otero and Lincoln Counties
  • Mandala Art Therapy Classes – held at the CAPPED Building
  • Special guest speakers – always to be announced
  •  Strummings – Musical Therapy for Stress Reduction
  • & MORE!


  • You, and your family, don’t need to go through this alone.
  • We have many resources at CAPPED as well as many contacts in other organizations that we can provide you

At CAPPED we have two major priorities:
    1.  To educate our communities on ways they can avoid the behaviors and exposures that are known to lead to the development of cancers through seminars, forums and presentations and our children’s programs.
    2.  To support cancer patients and their loved ones throughout their cancer journey.  Our goal is to discover the needs and assist the individual and/or family unit in meeting those needs.  We accomplish this with the free services provided through the CAPPED Walk-In Service Center.  

Our target population is all of the wonderful People of Otero County and Southern New Mexico. 

Examples of services provided includes one on one peer support, matching with other cancer patients experiencing same cancer, Computer Learning Center – information searches, CAPPED Angel Fund (access to medical care, transportation and lodging), CAPPED Mammography Program, Casen Therapy Dolls (for children undergoing multiple needle sticks), a walk in the CAPPED Labyrinth, children’s nutrition coloring pages, stress reduction through music with CAPPED Strummings and Quartz Singing Bowls . . . and more. 

Please come in and we will happily give you a tour of CAPPED and answer any questions.


Building / Services
907 New York Ave
Alamogordo, NM 



Appointment  Hrs
Tuesday 10 – 5
Wednesday 10 – 5
Thursday 10 – 5


7440 US Hwy 54
Alamogordo, NM

Open 24 hours
7 days a week